Used tires / Tires from Germany

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Tires available on the german market have to be made of the best and safest materials because there is no speed limit in Germany. All tire-brands are tested by the department of technical supervision (TÜV) and only those matching the high german standards get permission to be sold on the domestic market.

Our selection of used tires is very careful to make sure the tires have no kind of defects or ruptures and we also check each tire for equal worn tread and depth of profile.

All the tires we offer are selected and controlled in our own warehouse.

We have the possibility to double and triple the tires with our tyre press

We offer:

  • Selling ex warehouse in Germany, not far from the port of Hamburg.
  • Professional selection and controlling of tires.
  • Storage under cover so that the product is dry.
  • Possibility to double and triple the tires (put small ones into bigger ones) to raise the loading volume of the container.

For further information please notice our price list.

Please take contact to our warehouse, Mrs. Inge Freudenberg Tel.: 0049-4550 422, Fax: 0049 / 4550 1034